Many of you will be able to tell that I am Reds fan through some of my posts on the blog but this post has less to do with me being a Reds fan and more to do with me believing that Todd Frazier (pictured above) should be this years National League Rookie of the Year.

Going into the season, Bryce Harper was widely considered the front runner of the NL R.O.Y. race against very few others once he was called up from Triple-A at the end of April. He was highly talked about coming out of last season when he was a mid September call up for the Washington Nationals. A very talented player, Harper had success as soon as he was put in the lineup and helped the Nationals get going in the National League East and eventually win the East. His batter numbers were very good and was selected to the NL All-Star team. He batted .270 with 22 HR and 59 RBI’s in 139 games with 597 plate appearances with 120 strikeouts.

But like I said earlier this post is about why I think that Todd Frazier should be the NL Rookie of the Year. Frazier’s name was known by fans that followed the Reds late into the 2011 season as the heir apparent to third base after Scott Rolen. I’m sure that the Cincinnati Reds front office saw great potential in Frazier as he made the 25-man roster right out of Spring Training but Reds fans were anxious to see what the young man could do. His numbers were also very good. He batted .273 with 19 HR and 67 RBi’s in 128 games with 422 plate appearances with 103 strikeouts.

With Frazier and Harper’s numbers being so similar, I would think that you would need to look at the impact that they had on their teams. Harper came to the National’s early in the season and had a huge impact and, like I said, helped the Nationals win the NL East. Frazier started the season with the Reds and was a productive platoon partner with Scott Rolen during the season but Frazier’s big moment came when 2011 NL MVP Joey Votto went on the DL, with a knee injury, right after the All-Star break. Frazier in the month of August, a crucial time for the Reds with Votto being out, hit .393 with 6 HR and 25 RBI’s while filling in for Votto at first base.

I think that when you put all of the number together with the things that each player did for their team, Todd Frazier should win the NL R.O.Y. tonight. The winners of the Rookie of the Year award will be televised this year for the first time on MLB Network starting at 6:00PM.


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